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Bankrupt Tennis legend Boris Becker’s trophies to be auctioned

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file pic of Boris Becker and his trophy cabinet. pic Twitter

You may be the great name in your area, you may have won Millions of pounds during your career but that is not a guarantee that you may not have a fall. It is not always about how much you earn it always about how you spend.

Same story goes for Tennis Legend German Boris Becker, the 90’s heartthrob who has great fall in his personal life with his career winning trophies all set to be auctioned for paying his debts.

As per AFP report trophies and personal souvenirs belonging to Boris Becker will be auctioned online from Monday by British firm Wyles Hardy to partially clear the bankrupt champion’s debts.

The youngest winner in Wimbledon’s history, who claimed the first of three titles aged just 17, is auctioning off 82 items including medals, cups, watches and photographs.

The sale will end on July 11, Wyles Hardy said on its website.

Some of the trophies up for grabs include a replica of a Challenge Cup awarded to Becker following one of his Wimbledon wins, and the three-quarter size replica of the Renshaw Cup presented after he became the youngest ever Grand Slam singles champion.

His Wimbledon finalist medal from 1990, when he was beaten by Swede Stefan Edberg, and a replica of the US Open silver cup made by jeweller Tiffany for his 1989 victory over Ivan Lendl, will also be included in the sale.

The indebted 51-year-old champion was declared bankrupt in 2017.

In June 2018, he claimed he had diplomatic status and therefore immunity, thus stopping the sale of his trophies and personal souvenirs at the last minute.

But the Central African Ministry of Foreign Affairs replied that the passport brandished by Becker was a fake one, coming from a batch of “blank passports stolen in 2014.”

Becker finally ended this bizarre episode in December by waiving his right to immunity in a London court specialising in insolvency cases, leading the auction house to put the trophies back on the market.

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