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BCCI announces amnesty for age ‘fraud’ cricketers who disclose their real age

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Srinagar, Aug 3: Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced general amnesty for all those cricketers who come forward voluntarily and disclose their real age before September 15.

In this regard BCCI on Monday announced that it will not ban those players who come and disclose their real age before set date. However if any players are later found to have tampered with their would be banned from all tournament organised by BCCI at both national and State level. It also said that the banned cricketers will not be allowed into age group events even after expiry of ban.

“To counter the menace of age and domicile fraud in cricket, BCCI has adopted the additional measures which will be applicable to all cricketers participating in the BCCI age-group tournaments, from season 2020-21 onwards, ” BCCI statement said.

“Under this scheme, players who voluntarily declare that they have manipulated their date of birth by submitting fake/tampered documents in the past will not be suspended and allowed to participate in the appropriate age group level if they disclose their actual date of birth (DOB).Players have to submit a signed letter/email along with supporting documents to BCCI Age Verification Dept. revealing their actual DOB before 15th September 2020.
However, if registered players do not disclose the facts and are found to have submitted fake/tampered DOB proof documents by BCCI, then they will be banned for 2 years, and after completion of 2-year suspension, they will not be allowed to participate in age group tournaments of BCCI, as well as, age group tournaments organized by the State Units, ” Statement said.

“Season 2020-21 onwards, any player submitting fake/tampered birth certificate will be banned for 2 years from all cricket matches under the aegis of BCCI & State Units. After completion of 2-year suspension, such players will not be allowed to participate in age group tournaments of BCCI, as well as, age group tournaments organized by State Units, ” It further said.

BCCI has also acted tough on cricketers who have committed domicile frauds.

“All Cricketers committing Domicile fraud, including Senior Men & Women, will be banned for 2 years. Voluntary Disclosure Scheme does not apply for cricketers who have committed domicile fraud, ” It further said.

BCCI has also modified it’s guidelines for the age group cricketers.

“For the BCCI Under-16 age group tournament, only players who are between 14-16 years old will be permitted to register.In the Under-19 age group, if a player’s birth is found to be registered more than 2 years after birth, as mentioned in the birth certificate, then there will be restrictions on the number of years allowed to participate in the BCCI Under-19 tournaments, ” Statement added.

BCCI has also set dedicated helpline for age fraud and has asked anyone to report age fraud on these numbers a 24X7 helpline (9820556566 / 9136694499) .

Mr Sourav Ganguly, President, BCCI: “We are committed to providing a level-playing field across all age groups. The BCCI has been taking steps to counter age fraud and are now introducing even stricter measures from the upcoming domestic season. Those who do not voluntarily disclose their misdemeanour will be punished heavily and will be banned for two years.”

Mr Jay Shah, Honorary Secretary, BCCI: “BCCI has a zero-tolerance approach towards age fraud in cricket. Not only have we dedicated a 24/7 helpline to counter this menace, but the Board also has a system in place that thoroughly examines, and cross-verifies documents submitted by its registered players. The Voluntary Disclosure Scheme will provide those who have committed the fraud a chance to come forward and admit their offence.”

Mr Arun Singh Dhumal, Honorary Treasurer, BCCI: “It has been BCCI’s constant endeavour to take stringent measures to eradicate age fraud. We believe these additional methods taken by the BCCI will help in tackling the issue of age and domicile fraud.”

Mr Rahul Dravid, Head Cricket, NCA: “Age fraud is a serious matter and is detrimental to the health of the sport. Many youngsters who are supposed to be playing in a particular age group fail to make it owing to age fraud. With the BCCI taking stern actions to curb this, it is only advisable for the players to come forward and abide by the directives issued by the Board.”

(Courtesy BCCI)