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Carrying drinks in Cricket: Part and parcel of game

CricketCarrying drinks in Cricket: Part and parcel of game
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On my way to the Stadium for practice session today, a kid around 12 years of age asked me very stiffly, “Why do you keep playing cricket all the time?”
As I heard it, I was so jubilant to answer but before I could,
He added “If you will even reach at the highest level, the best you can do is that you will carry drinks for others like the current featured one’s are.”

Now I was both shocked and confused with his assertion. I was thinking about how to explain this to the lil bud, then finally to convince him, I said
“Carrying drinks is even more proud thing as you earn both the deed of making others drink as well as you get to be around the star players.”
“That’s of no use, when you don’t get to play, why to go there?” He questioned again, undoing my previous answer
“Reaching there is an achievement in itself and there surely comes a time when you get to show your skills.” I replied second time
“Why aren’t our players (current one’s in the scene) getting chance then?” He rebuked
“Some things take time similarly the way you have to wait for meals when they are being cooked.” I responded
Though he failed to digest it fully like most others who know less about the game.

Conclusion:We must understand that carrying drinks isn’t an imprecise thing but part and parcel of game. Also, the value of reaching higher levels take inexpressible hard work and dedication not mere luck and accusation.
So, stop lambasting achievers and budding sportspersons but rather boost them.

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