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Coronavirus:Despite all efforts UFC 249 is now officially cancelled

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Khabib, Dana White and Tony Ferguson. File Pic UFC

Since the global pandemic of Coronavirus hit the World their has been uncertainty over holding of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 249 and Dana White has been doing everything what he can do to go ahead with the event. However ultimately he had to call it off and he revealed it on Thursday.

UFC President White confirmed on Thursday that event is not going to be held on April 18.

The event was due to be held in New York on April 18 and headlined by a bout between lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson.

But the coronavirus outbreak saw the fight unable to be held in New York and travel restrictions meant Khabib was forced to pull out, although White still wanted the event to go ahead with Ferguson facing Justin Gaethje.

“I told you this whole thing has been a battle since day one,” he told ESPN.

“We’ve been fighting non-stop all day and all night since this pandemic started to put on this event on April 18. Today, we got a call from the highest level you can go at Disney and the highest level of ESPN. One thing that I’ve said since we started our relationship and partnership with ESPN, and it’s been an incredible one, it’s been an amazing partnership, ESPN has been very, very good to us and the powers that be there asked me to stand down and not do this event next Saturday.

“We’re ready to go and one thing that I need to point out is that Tachi Palace in California, the Indian reservation, has had our back this whole time, has stood their ground and was willing to do this fight. Let me tell you this, when the world gets back to normal, the California event will be at Tachi Palace, I’m doing a fight there, I’m going to bring them a big fight and I appreciate them standing with me in this thing.

In a statement, UFC said no events would take place “until further notice”.