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Coronavirus:Risk of infection is everywhere,can’t think too much about it:Lionel Messi

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Lionel Messi. Pic Barcelona Twitter

Barcelona and Argentina football superstar Lionel Messi has said that risk of getting infection is everywhere and one can’t think and do too much about it.

He said that if one thinks too much about getting infection due to global pandemic of Coronavirus then no one will step out of their home.

“The risk of contagion is everywhere, when you leave the house the risk is already there, therefore I think that you don’t have to think about it too much because if you do, you can’t go anywhere,” Messi told Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo on Friday.

“But we also understand that it is essential to comply with protocols and maximize prevention measures to the maximum,” said Messi.

“Going back to training is a first step but we should not trust ourselves and we must continue taking all the necessary precautions and assume that we have to start playing the games when they arrive but behind closed doors, ” He said.

Messi said he is looking forward to playing football competitions again although everything will be weird without fans in stadiums.

“I personally am looking forward to the competitions again. We know that everything is going to be weird, without people in the stadium which is something that I once played and it seemed very strange to me,” Barcelona skipper said.