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Cricket match turn into battlefield in Kashmir, teams joined by fans exchange blows



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A scene of the scuffle from Cricket match in Kashmir. Pic/KNT

Srinagar, Aug 2: A cricket match final in South Kashmir district of Anantnag turned into battlefield with competing teams joined by crowd exchanging blows.

As per reports a final was in progress at Akura Sports Stadium with host team competing against a visiting team. As per reports after some questionable decisions a major scuffle broke out resulting in full scale exchange of blows from both ends.

A final was being played between MI Akura and Shamsipora Clubs at Akura Sports Stadium, KNT report said.

Shamsipora winning the toss first managed to give a meager target of 115. Later on with the aggressive bowling spell from Clubs Shamsipora, Akura’s first 4 wickets were bundled out on just 37.
The unfortunate part is that umpires came out with the subjective approach and started favouring the host team, report said.

Later on the crowd from the host team started hurling abuses and invectives towards the guest team crowd. They further started beating some guests from the Shamsipora side and when some of the boys started defending it, whole of the Akura village came into middle and snatched valuable items and sports kits from the host team, report further said.
“How irresponsible and uncivilized is it that, you are being invited somewhere to play a final and later on you are abused and beaten by the hosts,” says Naseer Ahmad who was witnessing a match from the guest team.
They even damaged multiple vehicles from the host team worth lacs.
“We consider ourselves lucky enough that we managed to save ourselves,” says Mudasir Hamid Skipper of Clubs Shamsipora. (KNT)