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Domestic players to get more than double their pay: Vinod Rai

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New Delhi: Domestic cricketers are all set for a big hike — they should make at least Rs 26 lakh per season after the gross revenue share of BCCI is calculated. Dismissing the conspiracy theory of BCCI’s old guard that the Committee of Administrators (CoA) revised the pay package of top international cricketers only, its chairman Vinod Rai told TOI that the 26 per cent share of the cricketers from BCCI’s gross revenue share hasn’t changed.Vinod Rai

“If a domestic cricketer was making around Rs 10 lakh per season, he will make Rs 20 lakh up front from BCCI and another Rs 6 to 7 lakh from BCCI’s gross revenue share to make it Rs 26 lakh,” Rai said.

“This is quite a jump from what the domestic cricketers were making in the past. Earlier, they were paid Rs 10,000 per day. Now, they will get Rs 35,000, which is a considerable jump,” Rai said, adding that the cricketers will get their money directly from BCCI. “Of course, if certain teams play more matches, they would be paid more because the number of days will go up,” Rai explained.

When asked about the exact formula for sharing the gross revenue of BCCI, Rai said nothing has changed from the past. This 26% is meant to be split three ways — 13% for international players like Kohli & Co., 10.6% for domestic players and the rest for women and juniors. “The formula remains the same,” Rai said.

On the money due to the domestic cricketers for the last two years or so, Rai said that BCCI is waiting for its AGM, which the CoA had asked in its latest status report to be conducted at the earliest. “After the BCCI AGM clears the accounts and the respective state associations create their invoices, their players would be given the money immediately. The board is also making arrangements to pay all domestic cricketers their share of Rs 35,000 per day, which would be doled out shortly,” Rai said.