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English cricketer’s incredible fielding after losing prosthetic leg

CricketEnglish cricketer’s incredible fielding after losing prosthetic leg

 It often happens in the game of cricket that when a cricketer is sent to the deep, he/she complains about the same citing lack of interaction with play and the long chases around the boundary as the reason.But for disabled England cricketer Liam Thomas, it is hardly a thing to worry about.

Thomas, while fielding for the England Physical Disabilities (PD) team at deep backwards square leg during a Twenty20 game last week against Pakistan, made sure nothing was going to stop him from performing his fielding duties.leg-cricketer

The England PD cricket player stunned the viewers when he chased after a ball running to the boundary, dived, and had his prosthetic leg pop out of place and fall onto the turf.

The England cricketer would have been excused for crawling back to pick up his artificial limb, but such was his commitment that he simply hopped over to the ball and threw it back to the keeper without a hint of distress and discomfort.

Impressed by his effort and commitment, former England cricketer Paul Collingwood heaped praise on him on Twitter saying, “This is what sport is all about, to inspire people, entertain and try your best.”

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