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Flintoff says this player will be top performer in World Cup

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File Pic of Ben Stokes

With everyone making their predictions the teams and performers in the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup-2019, former England All-Rounder Andrew Flintoff has also made his choice.

As per Flintoff the particular player in England lineup will steal the show in both World Cup and the following Ashes series. That particular player is none other than Ben Stokes who was below par in Indian Premier League this season.

 “With Ben he’s just different,” Flintoff told reporters in London on Tuesday.

“As a batter he can bat three, he can bat four — his bowling’s getting better all the time.” “The World T20 probably knocked his confidence a little bit. That can happen, bowling at the death,” added Flintoff at an event to publicise the official song of the World Cup, ‘Stand By’ by Loryn and Rudimental.

“He’s always in the big moments of a game. He seems to be that lad who lifts the team.” Former England captain Flintoff’s career also featured its fair share of off-field controversy, with the 41-year-old saying this could take a toll on a player’s form.

“I think since what happened the year before last, it’s always hard sometimes,” he said.

“You’ve just got to find your feet again. You’re playing for the team but you’re also playing a little bit for acceptance as well — for the crowd, for the people coming to watch you.