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For Kashmir University bagging medals in relatively ‘non-existent’ sport is achievement

LocalFor Kashmir University bagging medals in relatively ‘non-existent’ sport is achievement

Kashmir University sports department that has been plagued with multiple problems over the years with almost no major achievements at Inter-university level competitions is now boosting the medal won in relatively new ‘non-existent’ sports discipline.

Over the years, Kashmir University sports teams have been failing regularly at Inter-University level competition with hardly any worthwhile achievement. From team-games to individual sport, the overall result of the Kashmir University has been dismal constantly.

The University sports department this year deputed its team for the participation in the All India Inter-University Pencak Silat championship that was held in GNDU Amritsar.

The sport that is Indonesia based martial art and relatively new in India with Federation being based in Kashmir.
Last year, the sports discipline was recognised by Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports out of blue with sport having no base in Country. Then this year, in a new list issued, the same sport has been removed from the recognised list of sports in Country.

In the event, Kashmir University team has created history by winning 9 medals. As per their statement, the performance of the girls was exceptionally outstanding as out of 9 medals, 5 were won by them.

In the statements issued to Media, University sports department went on to praise everyone including the support staff but the sports known persons are raising questions about the overall achievement.
“For what they are praising everyone. This is almost non-existent sport with no solid background. There are some persons in Kashmir who brought this federation to India last year. Somehow they got it registered in Central Government followed by State Government. However, this year Central Government realizing its mistake de-recognized this sports discipline,” said a known sportsperson Nisar Ahmad.

“University has failed over the years to produce results at Inter-University level. Now as they got medals in almost unknown sports discipline, they are boosting it as major achievement. There are lot of question marks on the overall competition and its standard,” he further said.

Another person familiar with working of sports structure said, “Ask Kashmir University Sports department to highlight its achievements of last 10 years and let people decide what they have done over the years. Also it seems all the talent in entire country in this Pencak Silat sports is in Kashmir with all those who go for National’s, Internationals, Inter-University bring back medals. There is something wrong with and one needs to take a proper look”.

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