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Former India player says Bangaladesh are right, ‘Kohli Ka 100% Fake Fielding Tha’

CricketFormer India player says Bangaladesh are right, 'Kohli Ka 100% Fake Fielding Tha'

Srinagar: Former India opener has given his verdict on the raging controversy over alleged fake fielding by Virat Kohli in a game against Bangladesh in T20 World Cup.

In the match, India beat Bangladesh by six runs. However, after the match controversy erupted with Bangladesh player accusing Virat Kohli of fake fielding during the match which should have been penalized by five runs.

Though Kohli’s actions had no bearing on the Bangladesh pair as they completed the second run without any difficulty but according to former India opener Aakash Chopra, it doesn’t matter whether the batters were deceived or not. It is actually the attempt to do it, that’s what qualifies as ‘fake fielding.’

What does the ‘fake fielding’ rule say? cricket’s law 41.5, pertaining to unfair play, says “…it is unfair for any fielder wilfully to attempt, by word or action, to distract, deceive or obstruct either batter after the striker has received the ball.”

“Woh fake fielding tha, 100% tha, wo jo throw marne ka prayas kia wo agar umpire dekhte toh 5 run ki penalty padti humko aur 5 run se hum match bhi jeete,” Aakash Chopra said on his Youtube Channel. (Yes that 100% fake fielding because of the way he attempted to throw the ball. If the umpires had seen it then we would’ve been slapped with a five-run penalty and we’ve won by five runs only.)

“So we escaped here but next time if someone does this then the umpires will have to be more careful. So are Bangladesh right? Yes, they are but nobody noticed it then so can’t do anything now,” Chopra further said.

According to reports Bangladesh Cricket Board has said that they will this issue at proper form.

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