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Former Pakistan cricketer terms Ravi Shastri as top coach amoung all current coaches

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Ravi Shastri.

Former Pakistan cricketer Basit Ali while praising Team India coach Ravi Shastri has said that Shastri is currently best amoung the coaches that are in World cricket.

Speaking on his Youtube video chat show ‘Basit Ali show’, the former Pakistan cricketer explained why he believes Shastri to be among the best coaches in the world at the moment.

In the video, Ali was asked to name who among the current international coaches would he rate the highest.

“I would highly rate Ravi Shastri among all the current coaches. If Andy Flower was coaching an international team right now, I would pick him, but he isn’t at the moment, ” Basit Ali said.

“Ravi Shastri was such a big player. And his style of coaching is similar. I saw one of his press conferences and the way he replied back to the media – this is the role of the coach. To talk straightforward when someone is asking questions. A coach must also know how to give a shut-up call,” he further added.

He said that it doesn’t matter how strong team you have got if you are not able to manage them well.

“To say that Ravi Shastri got a really strong team, hence his job is easier is not fair. A coach must also know how to tackle all his big players. In our team, we got Shoaib Akhtar, but there was no coach to tackle him. If someone had figured out how to tackle him, he would have been an even bigger player. This is the biggest task of coach,” Ali further said.

Since being given the role in 2017, Ravi Shastri has led India to victories in a Test match and limited-overs series in South Africa in 2018, a Test match win in England the same year, India’s first-ever Test series win in Australia in 2019, and also a semifinal berth at the World Cup last year.