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‘I appreciate local organisers for preparing turf wickets,’: Coach Huwaid Hamid

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Huwaid Hamid (File Pic)

Srinagar, October 25: Lauding a few local organising bodies for preparing turf wickets, former cricketer-turned-coach, Huwaid Hamid, Sunday said he expects others to follow in order to provide quality cricket to budding cricketers.

Huwaid said while organisers usually come up with excuses for not laying down turf wickets, these few organisers have put forward an example.

“(I) appreciate the organisers of ZPL-Nishat, MALLA BAGH-Soura and EID GAH cricket bodies (as) they have prepared fantastic turf pitches in less budget than other organising bodies in Kashmir.” He wrote on his Facebook handle.

“(While) people have many excuses rather than maintaining matting pitches laying down turf pitches, these 3 organising bodies have proved if there is a will, you can do wonders.”

An NIS-qualified coach asserted these turf wickets will help young cricketers.

“Giving platform to the young cricketers of kashmir, which is really great job done by them. I personally salute to all 3 organising bodies who have done absolutely fantastic job to prepare such kind of stuff.”

“I expect the procedure to be followed by all and implemented the same at ground level.”

Source: Facebook

Note: A few quotes have been edited for clarity.