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In Sports Council Clerk ‘Overrule’ Secretary

LocalIn Sports Council Clerk ‘Overrule’ Secretary

In perfect example of how the clerk’s rule roost in almost all the Government departments, a top clerk in J&K State Sports Council almost ‘overrules’ every order that Secretary makes.corrupt1

Since the time, Waheed ur Rehman Parra has stepped in as Secretary Sports Council, he has kept the offices of Council open for players, clubs and associations. However his transparent way of work has snatched the power from the clerk who used to make merry by fleecing players and clubs. All the power that this clerk possessed has gone as Secretary Sanction’s events, help all by own after getting requests from clubs, players for the purpose.

However, in implementing those orders, this clerk does his bit by creating unnecessary hurdles, either by hiding files or writing problem creating remarks. “We went to Secretary for organizing the event. He in turn instantly sanctioned it and sent file to this clerk. After couple of days we went to him and we were shocked to see what he had written in his remarks. By those remarks we can never hold any event,” said Shaheer.

“He has only one problem. His way or earning money has vanished since Waheed ur Rehman Parra has assumed Secretary charge. When this clerk sees that this or that person is close to Secretary he creates hurdles. However, if he checks that the person is normal and can’t reach Secretary he asks for the money. If the person gives, then file is passed without any hurdle. However if the person refuses then starts the big dram of this and that rule,” he added.

Another player said that almost every file has to pass through this clerk and he almost overrules 95 percent of files that Secretary sends to him. “It shows that clerk has more power than the Secretary. The percentage of rejected or overruled files from this clerk must be close to 95 percent. Even Secretary is aware of the situation and has lately preferred to bypass this clerk,” player said.

A top official in JKSSC said that there are already number of complaints against this official but nothing has been done till date against him.

“ He is in nexus with associations and some officials in our office. They have turned Council into Mafia and are not able to digest Waheed ur Rehman parra’s style of work. They are losing everything by his way of wrok,” official said.


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