IPL Auction 2022: 10 J&K players to go under the hammer

Pic: KSW

Srinagar, February 01: 10 J&K cricketers will go under the hammer as BCCI announced the 590-member list to be auctioned at the upcoming IPL Auction, scheduled to take place on February 12 and 13.

The J&K cricketers include Mujtaba Yousuf, placed at serial 161, followed by Rasikh Salam, serial 242, Parvez Rasool, serial 354, Qamran Iqbal, serial 367, Fazil Rashid, serial 391, Henan Malik, serial 436, Abid Mushtaq, serial 445, Nasir Lone, serial 446, Auqib Nabi, serial 492, Vivrant Sharma, serial 545.

Among these only Parvez Rasool has the base price of 50 lakh while all others will enter the auction at 20 lakh.

Pic: KSW

A total of 12,14 players had registered for the auction, among which only 590 have been shortlisted.


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