JKCA Official , CAC member’s interference irk stakeholders

JKCA Official , CAC member's interference irk stakeholders. Pic/JKCA Logo
JKCA Official , CAC member’s interference irk stakeholders. Pic/JKCA Logo

Srinagar, October 3: Ever since Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has appointed Sub-Committee for J&K Cricket Association (JKCA) lot has changed in cricket governing body of J&K.

When High Court dissolved previous caretakers and its CEO , one was hoping that everything will get back on track in JKCA and there would atleast be transparency and open system now in the Association.

However , as the time passed , it seems nothing has changed . While previous set up was one man dictatorship helped by few cricketers , this new set up seems to be multi person autocracy where everything is being kept hidden and there is undue interference in every affair by its appointed officials.

While JKCA Sub-Committee sent a message that it wants everything transparent and open by appointing Cricket Adminstration Committee (CAC). But as the time is passing by and selection of various teams have been conducted , the set up seems mere an eye wash.

From Under-19 level selection to senior selection for Mushtaq Ali Trophy and current process of Under-25 , everything is being kept under wraps. No transparency , no proper set up and system.

JKCA for all teams so far has never made probable list public and those selected were informed one by one. By that process JKCA has absolutely skipped transparency, keeping the chance to add few more blue eyed cricketers in the list always open.

And one more thing that JKCA has done is to not make trial matches performance available for media. Particularly it has been at JKCA Srinagar base that scores of trial matches are kept under wraps. The JKCA Srinagar incharge while sharing his PR videos and Photographs with media has barred everyone in Srinagar from sharing scorecards of trial matches with media.

Meanwhile , while CAC conducted the interview of coaches, managers, physiotherapists for various teams, it is yet to make list public. The selected persons are informed personally and they join team without any buzz or announcement.

The biggest down point in JKCA set up so far has been undue interference of JKCA Srinagar Incharge and one of the CAC member in every affair of JKCA.

They have been seen interfering in selection process, net sessions and even directing selectors how to do things.

Recently JKCA Srinagar incharge was seen directing selectors to have Under-25 selection done on wet wicket as he wanted to see players perform on such tricky wicket.

On another incident he was seen directing closure of main Stadium gates, while on another incident disrespecting Under-19 cricketer by throwing him out of stadium premises.

CAC member whose role is only to see appointment of selectors and various cricket officials has been seen involved in all the net sessions so far being held in Srinagar.

His one of the video had gone viral in which he was mistreating a cricket who had come to stadium for trials.

Stakeholders say that the atmosphere in SK Stadium Srinagar is not conducive and all the players are under undue presure owing to antics of these two.

“They are interfering in everything and acting like dictators. They should stick to thier primarily job and not interfere in everything . It should be joy full atmosphere rather than stressful, ” said a cricketer .

Another cricketer said that JKCA current set up seems to be scared of transparency and that is why keep everything a secret.

“Why are they scared of being transparent and keep everything open. If they have nothing to hide why keep it hidden,” he said.

Meanwhile cricketers have appealed JKCA Sub-Committee to keep check on its officials in Srinagar.


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