JKFA election demand by District Football associations ‘Unnerves’ NIFF

JKFA election demand by District Football associations 'Unnerves' NIFF. Pic/ Recent Group pic of District Associations
JKFA election demand by District Football associations ‘Unnerves’ NIFF. Pic/ Recent Group pic of District Associations.

Srinagar, November 16: The recent demand by Kashmir province District Football Association (DFA) to JKFA for the early conduct of elections has ‘unnerved’ the NIFF that were all along demanding same thing.

NIFF that claims to represent National and International footballers of J&K had come into existence with the sole demand of dissolving current JKFA body that was headed by Zamir Thakur who according to NIFF is holding the chair unconstitutionally.

While NIFF had other demands as well of which some lack logic but there demand of holding elections and removing current President had some weightage.

On Saturday, November 14, Kashmir Province District football associations drafted a resolution in which they demanded holding of JKFA elections early instead of its due date of May 2022. They argued that they dont want to hamper football season due to elections and it would be beneficial for the football to hold elections early. While majority of the football followers in J&K welcomed the move , NIFF has been ‘Unnerved’ by the sudden move and have been now opposing it.

“They are confused lot who have no footing as well as ground base. They wanted it, where highlighting it, demanding it. But when it is close to become a reality they are opposing it, ” said an official of District Football Association Anantnag.

“They have now proved that they never wanted it. They just want power and disrupt the constitutionally run body and its activities. They know they cant win election , hence the existence of there body will be revealed in front of all,” official said.

The District Srinagar Association official said that NIFF is creation of few individuals who are using all mediums to fullfill there personal agendas.

“They claim they represent National and International footballers of J&K. Please someone tell them, how many players are part of NIFF. Please make list public so that everyone will come to know,” official said.

“JKFA has its constitution and we are following it. We have requested General Secretary to issue notice. If he will not issue then we will raise vote of no confidence against the current body which will pave way for dissolving of current body,” official said.

The official further said that any ammendment in JKFA constitution can be passed only in General Body Meeting with majority vote.

“Unlike a personal property of NIFF, JKFA is the body that has constitution , rules and representation from all districts of J&K. Any change in rules, constitution will be made with the agreement or vote of majority,” he added.

Meanwhile Sports Council officials are also confused with the stand and role of NIFF.

“Everyone now and then from NIFF officials , which is private body were coming to Sports Council and raising demand to conduct JKFA elections . They wanted it all along but now are doing everything to oppose it,” said a official in Sports Council on condition of anonymity .

“It seems they dont want elections but want power which they can get only if Goverment dissolves JKFA and appoints adhoc committee . It is only possible way NIFF can hold JKFA as they have minimal chances of winning election,” said Council official.

“The other point is that most of the NIFF officials were part of JKFA when Zamir was made President. While he was elected as President , these NIFF people were given other posts. They were part of it when he was made President, that is why no ine took this organisation seriously till date,” official added.


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