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Kashmir Peace Trophy: Chinar CC denies Stags’ ‘forfeit’ claim

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As earlier Kashmir Stags claimed that Chinar Cricket Club forfeited the series decider of Kashmir Peach Trophy at Jeddah on Friday, Chinar has, denied the claim.

One of the organisers of the tournament while clearing to KSW said that due to some hassle between the members of two teams, Chinars left the ground to not add the consequences.

Earlier, in a statement, Kashmir Stags claimed that players from Chinar side started the run-in and later left the ground, hence they ran away as winners.

In response to it, Chinar side said that Stags’ actually misbehaved with one of its players, forcing them to leave the field. They further said that the trophy hasn’t been decided as Stags can’t make this claim out of nowhere.