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Kashmir Stags declared Kashmir Peace Trophy winner as Chinar CC forfeit match

CricketKashmir Stags declared Kashmir Peace Trophy winner as Chinar CC forfeit match
Kashmir Stags celebrate their win. Pic/KSW

Kashmir Stags were declared winner of the three match bilateral Kashmir Peace Trophy cricket tournament series against Chinar Cricket Club as the later forfeited match midway in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

As per official statement issued by organizers on the Kashmir Peace Trophy official Facebook page, Chinar Cricket Club walked away from the match after a incident that happened outside the playing area.

Kashmir Stags pose for group photo. Pic/KSW

“An unfortunate incident occurred between two players outside the field that got Chinar to forfeight the match. According to ICC rules, law 21.3 (a) (ii), since Chinar forfeited the match, the winner of the 3rd and final decider match, Kashmir Stags was declared a clear winner,” statement on page read.

Earlier Chinar won the toss and elected to field first. Kashmir Stags were on 200 for the loss of four wickets in 19 Overs when the match was halted. For Kashmir Stags Wakeel Ahmed was playing 62 off 47 balls while as Sajid Hussain was playing on 56 off 31 balls. For Chinar, Riyaz, Nahid,Shafiq and Shabir took one wicket each.

Kashmir Stags players celebrate their win. Pic/KSW

About the Incident organizers through the same official page for the event stated the below details.

Details on the match forfeight:

We could see it from the start of the match that chinar was trying to find ways to create unnecessary issues to avoid the defeat. An unfortunate incident occurred around the mid of first innings, from a senior Chinar individual that led to fight, lots of abuses were pushed across. Being aware of the intentions, stags management intervened and ignored all the abuses and let the match continue.

Later in the 19th over, another unfortunate incident of misbehavior between 2 individuals, one stags and another chinarian, occurred outside the ground. Stags management again intervened and tried to neutralize the situation, however, this time around, it could be clearly seen that chinar had no intention to continue the play and forfeited the match. All stag’s players realizing that chinar had probably found a reason to walk away from the competition (particularly with stags having an upper hand at that stage), again tried the persuade the chinar team to act professional and not let an individual matter affect the sportsmanship and the game. However, none from chinar players seemed to have any intention to continue the match and so they left the field at that moment.

If any of our well-wisher or kashmiri people whom we proudly represent, wants further clarification on this, we are open to sharing the details with proofs. We don’t find it professional to put up complete details and names in public. A one off incident doesnt and will not affect our kashmiriyat, In Sha Allah.

Series Result: Kashmir Stags wins the series by 2-1.

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