Kashmir Super League comes to controversial end

Screen-grab from the match

Srinagar, January 17: Kashmir Super League (KSL) on Monday came to a controversial end with the final not commencing after 16 overs of play in the first innings.

The match was stopped after a close decision sparked controversy. Both the teams were not coming to an agreement to start the match as the time kept passing. Finally, the match was cancelled.

The organising body had now proposed to distribute the winning amount between the two teams, however, one of the teams haven’t agreed with this either.

“As the final couldn’t take place due to controversy on that decision, we had proposed to distribute the amount equally between two teams but one of the teams refused. They were not satisfied with this decision,” one of the officials from the management told KSW.

The tournament was being held at Gurgaon, Delhi with 12 Kashmir-based teams taking part. Dadoo Sultans and Hamdan Hurricanes had made it to the final of the tournament.


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