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Kofi Kingston steals the show in gauntlet match

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The eldest member of The New Day had himself a hell of a night on Tuesday. The main event of this week’s SmackDown featured more than the final hour dedicated to a gauntlet match. The winner of the match between AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, and Kingston would enter Sunday’s WWE Championship Elimination Chambermatch in the sixth and final spot.

The gauntlet match started off with WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and Kingston. The first leg of the six man match lasted nearly a half hour before one man was able to sneak in a pinfall.

Up after Bryan came Jeff Hardy, who was also put away by Kingston.
Already worn out, there was no way Kingston could get by Samoa Joe. Right?


Kofi ’freaking’ Kingston gutted out another victory and upset Joe. Not one for sportsmanship or general care for his fellow man, Joe proceeded to beat on the lifeless body of Kingston post-match.

Styles would come down to chase off Joe and then gave Kingston some time to recover as WWE threw to commercial break.

Not satisfied with wrestling for a hour and eliminating three title contenders, Kingston went on to give Styles a nearly 15 minute run for his money. The Phenomenal One would eventually catch Kingston in a calf crusher in the center of the ring and end his night via tap out.

Then Randy Orton came out of nowhere, hit Styles with a RKO, and won the entire thing.