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‘Let the World Cup go to hell for the sake of IPL’, Shoaib Akhtar lashes out at BCCI

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Srinagar, July 23: The recent announcement by International Cricket Council (ICC) to postpone this years T20 World Cup 2020 has paved the way for the organising of cash rich Indian Premier League (IPL) that was earlier postponed due to Coronavirus pandemic.

Former Pakistan legend Shoaib Akhtar is not happy about postponement of T20 World Cup and Asia Cup and has lashed out at Indian board BCCI for using it’s money power.

“Asia Cup could have definitely happened, it would have been a great chance for India and Pakistan to play against each other. There are many reasons behind this. I dont want to get into that,” Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhtar said this on a YouTube channel of Geo Cricket.

He said T20 World Cup could have been held but for the sake of IPL, BCCI forced the postponement of Work Cup.

“T20 World Cup could have also happened, but I had already said earlier that they won’t let it happen. IPL should not be damaged, let the World Cup go to hell,” Akhtar explained.

To explain his point about BCCI using it’s money power to silence the boards, Akhtar brought up the example of ‘Monkey Gate’ controversy where India off-spinner Harbhajan Singh was accused of hurling racial taunts at Australia all-rounder Andrew Symonds during the second Test match in Sydney.

“Sometimes they get easy wickets in Melbourne, at times someone calls another person a monkey but gets saved, the talk goes to boycotting the series. I am asking the Australians, where are their ethics?” Akhtar said.

“They (BCCI) said to end the series and they (Australian Board) said no such incident happened. Are these your moral grounds, did you not get the sounds on the mic,” Akhtar added.