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Lewis Hamilton lashes out at Donald Trump for hiding in bunker

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Lewis Hamilton and Donald Trump. Pic Twitter

Formula One reigning and defending champion Lewis Hamilton has lashed out United States President Donald Trump for turning lights of ‘White House Off and Hiding in his Bunker’ when his people needed him most.

On Monday night, President Trump threatened to deploy the US military against protesters in the wake of the death of George Floyd, an unarmed African-American man who died last week while in police custody.

screen grab of Lewis Hamilton post.

The Six-time F1 World champion Hamilton was one of many sports athletes to speak out over racial injustice and called on his own peers in the sport to use their platforms to do the same, which prompted a series of social media posts from the likes of Charles Leclerc and Daniel Ricciardo to show support for the Black Lives Matter campaign.

The British racer has now turned his attention towards US President Donald Trump for failing in his role.

Hamilton posted a viral image of the White House with the lights turned off, taken during protests on Sunday night, along with the message: “This is the visual that will define Trump. 100,000 dead, 40 million unemployed, cities under attack by violent police.

“When his country needed a leader, Donald Trump turned off the lights and hid in his bunker.”