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Lone Star stoop low, attack its ‘savior’ Hilal Parray in FB post

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In a shocking incident that will go down as one of the worst behavior from any professional club in the history of football in J&K, Lone Star FC have attacked its former coach and a ‘savior’ Hilal Rasool Parray in its official Facebook page post.Lone star hilal screen shot

Hilal Rasool who was associated with the team for last two years left club after being called by its parent department and employers J&K Bank for taking charge of Bank senior football team. However the move didn’t go well with Lone Star and club had fallout with the coach who according to sources used to work voluntary with club.

“I also want to convey my heartfelt thanks to Jammu boys, new squad along with the only left one Basit from old boys including our so called Head Coach Hilal Parry who had left the club on the naked road with all their bad intentions and cruel thinking,” read the post attributed to Lone Star owner.

The tussle according to sources intensified when the top two players of Lone Star, Aakif Reshi and one other asked for the No Objection Certificate from the club. The club refused and that intensified the internal bickering as Lone Star couldn’t see that its top two players want to leave club.

“The clubs don’t give salaries on time and categorically refused to give NOC when we wanted to play for other club. A footballer has limited career and in it they try to get better option of playing for better team and earn livelihood. When that opportunity came our way club tried to roadblock that,” said players.

It is no hidden truth that Lone Star was on the brink of closure and it was Hilal who resurrected it with his individual efforts both on and off the field.

“Dear have respect for the person who was sailor of your boat when it was not in a condition to take you to your destination. He has been working tirelessly for last 4 years to bring JandK football on national and I league arena. He provided platform for young lads and as result of his efforts most of the boys played in Kolkata. Without being paid even a single penny he did a commendable job and being a magnaninous personality never thought of being praised. His work speaks volume of his Worth. Detractors feel ashamed,” read a comment on Lone star page in response to the attack on coach.

“Coach deserve such comments and respect. He was the person with whom you qualify the 2nd round of I league. When nobody was with the club he faced all the problems. He always tried to provide better resources to the players and club management. In his leadership time he made a mark in India and obviously in JK state. When almost football was disappear in the state he was the person who brought modern football. He provide opportunities, platform for players. As per my view he doesn’t deserve such comments after his all hard work and dedication,” read another comment by Abid Najar.

“I think LKFC has lost its credibility without its Mentor cum Coach Hilal Rasool Parray,” read another comment by Shahnawaz Gazi.