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Nawab,Tufail scale Mount Golap Kangri

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Nawab,Tufail scale Mount Golap Kangri. Pic KSw

Two Kashmir mountaineers have scaled the 5950 metre high peak Mount Golap Kangri in Ladakh.

Nawab Moazam Khan and Tufail Qureshi who are members of the Jammu & Kashmir Mountaineering Club (JKMHC) made successful summit of the Golap Kangri. It was first summit of the peak this season and the two climbers did it without any local guide.  

The team started their expedition on July 24 trekking from Stok Village to the Stok Base camp at 4930 mtrs. Next morning the members started their climb at 10:15 AM and reached the summit at 3:45 PM.

The team had to encounter deep snow, steep walls and gusty winds while climbing. As it was first summit of this season to the peak, they had to make their own way up the summit. The team returned to the base camp on the same day and to Leh on the next day. The expedition was sponsored by Jammu and Kashmir Mountaineering and Hiking Club.