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Not performance, influence keeps Wadoo lead SFA in top league

By: Ashque Hussain

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It is not the performance but top level influence that has kept the International footballer Mehraj ud Din Wadoo lead State Football Academy (SFA) in the final phase of controversial Mufti Memorial Annual Football League fixture that was announced by J&K Football Association (JKFA) on Saturday.SFA

After the recent jibe by National Conference leaders terming Mufti Memorial Annual Football League as one of the biggest scams owing to its ‘shady affairs’ JKFA on Saturday announced the fixture for final phase that is going to start from March 11 at Synthetic Turf TRC ground.

The biggest surprise in the new fixture is inclusion of SFA Under-18 side in the list of 12 teams that was announced by JKFA on Saturday.

Pertinently SFA Under-18 that had finished at 10th place in Premier Division was not eligible for the Mufti Memorial League. As per already announced scheduled only top 6 teams were eligible and that had shut the case of inclusion for under performing SFA.

However to the utter shock of everyone SFA Under-18 has found place in the newly announced scheduled and as per sources it is due to influence of top officials in Sports Council that team has been included.

“JKFA owing to its shady affairs in organizing of this controversial league was under pressure. So when higher officials on the instructions of SFA officials asked JKFA to include their team in the new fixture they couldn’t resist,” source said.

“SFA officials have failed to live upto the expectations as their both teams were relegated in the league events. SFA came into existence to train new generation of footballers. However, due to personal interests of particular persons they fielded their teams that included only kids in senior leagues. The outcome was expected and both their teams got relegated. The so called coaches wanted face saving and to keep themselves relevant they are now forcing their way into league,” sources added.league point

Sources further added that it was during the presence of Mehraj ud Din Wadoo that SFA existed on ground in real sense while as currently it is only photo sessions.

“When Wadoo who is currently playing in private Indian Super League despite being Government employee was in Valley SFA was real force to reckon with and people started to pin hopes on it. He used to work hard and was himself involved in every minute detail. However, after his departure, people at the helm are busy in other affairs and personal gains rather than development of game at grass root level. They want to keep themselves relevant at big stage by just keeping SFA involved with leagues and not training session,” said another source.

“Even the academies started in District centers are not fully functional and it was mere photo session when they were launched,” they added.

Even the new fixture of League has come under question as teams like Real Kashmir FC and Lone Star Kashmir FC are training for upcoming second division I-League. With this schedule announced they are in dilema what to do.