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Outpaced by Pakistan youngster Jofra Archer says, ‘No-one is a robot’

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Naseem Shah and Jofra Archer. Pic/Twitter

Srinagar, Aug 8: It has been the battle that had been hyped up by cricket experts even before start of the Test series between England and Pakistan. It was hype created around the personal battles between two pacers from England and Pakistan – a battle between England pacer Jofra Archer and Pakistan youngster Naseem Shah. It was hype around their pace and who will outdo who.

After first two days of the match Naseem Shah easily Outpaced Archer by clocking 90 Mph easily while as Archer was seen bowling around 80’s .

Archer came in late in the innings to wrap up the Pakistan tail and finish with impressive figures of 3-59. It was noticeably not the usual firebrand Archer though, and he conceded to bowling within himself, suggesting the wicket does not give sufficient reward for the fast bowlers.

On being questioned, being slow while Naseem going berserk with his pace, he replied that no one is Robot.

“It’s not every day you will bowl 90 miles an hour. No-one is a robot,” he said. “This wicket is not really one where you will try to bend your back. There was a little bit there in the morning, but you saw it is now spinning on day two, ” Jofra explained.