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Shoaib Akhtar brutally trolls back ICC over Steve Smith bouncer troll

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Shoaib Akhtar and Steve Smith. Pic Twitter

Known for his ever presence and not the one to hold back Pakistan former speedster Shoaib Akhtar has brutally trolled back International Cricket Council (ICC) by first acusing it of bias and then posting a combination of bouncer videos on his Twitter handle aiming a dig at ICC.

Earlier reacting to a troll tweet by ICC Shoaib Akhtar had tweeted that “neutrality (has been thrown out) of the window” and the tweet is symbolic of how the international cricket body is partial towards some teams and players.

“A symbolic tweet, how ICC has thrown neutrality out of the window.
Basically this is how the state of affairs are run there :), ” Akhtar had tweeted.

Continuing to hit back at ICC and troll them Akhtar has now posted combination of videos in which he is seen hurting Batsman with his brutal bouncers.

“Dear @icc, find a new meme or Emoji. Sorry i couldn’t find any, only found some real videos 😂😂 , ” Akhtar Tweeted.

He was reacting to a tweet by ICC mocking Akhtar tweet in which he had said he willl get Australian Steve Smith out on fourth ball after hitting him with three bouncers.

“Even today, 3 hurting bouncers and i can dismiss @stevesmith49 on the 4th ball. Lol,” he had written, ” Akhtar had tweeted.

The ICC responded to this tweet with a meme with Michael Jordan laughing out loud, which Akhtar took exception to. He suggested that the tweet shows how the cricket administration body takes sides between teams.