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Shoaib Malik,Ramiz Raja involved in Twitter war of words

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Ramiz Raja, Mohammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik file pic.

Former Pakistan skipper turned commentator Ramiz Raja and senior Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik got involved in an ugly war of words after former suggested Malik and Mohammad Hafeez to retire from International cricket.

Raja had opened up the war of words recently by publicly advising Malik and Mohamammad Hafeez—both of whom are in their late 30s but want to play on till the T20 World Cup later this year—to retire with dignity for the sake of Pakistan cricket.

Malik reacted to Raja’s remarks, playfully telling him that he also needs to retire from commentating, implying that his days in the punditry business were numbered too.

“Yes Ramiz Raja Bhai, agreed. Since all three of us are the end of our careers, let’s retire gracefully together. I’ll call and let’s plan this for 2022?,” tweeted Malik, adding an emoji and a “jokes” hashtag to lighten up the mood.

Hafeez endorsed Malik’s veiled jibe by retweeting his tweet.

Raja, however, failed to see the funny side of it, saying: “Retire gracefully? From what? Speaking my mind on Pakistan cricket? Sticking my neck out for Pakistan cricket ? Wanting Pakistan cricket back at top? No chance .. I won’t be gracefully retiring from that ever, Malik Sahib!

“As for your post-retirement plans, it would be tough to start commentating in 2022 as that would make you my age almost.

“And talking of careers, I don’t need a tutorial from you of all people as history—which is a great teacher—would tell you, I retired while I was the captain of Pakistan team.”