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Sports Council forces players to shell out money for stadium renovation

Musaib Mehraj

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J&K State Sports Council which is mandated to develop sports, its infrastructure and look after the upkeep of the existing infrastructure is asking sportspersons to deposit annual charges to the tune of Rs 2400 for using the facility of Indoor Sports Complex.Indoor Stadium
The Council doesn’t even provide any basic sports equipments to players at Indoor Sports Complex. Rather it is seeking membership to restrict entry to only those who can afford annual membership leaving children of the poor to fend for themselves on wet grounds during winter months.
Mohammad Faris, a senior basketball player, said they had to pay Rs 2400 to play at indoor sports complex.
Faris brings all equipments himself to play basketball while sports council doesn’t even bother to even provide any equipment.
“All of us have paid Rs 2400 to play here. We are even not getting any facility from sports council. We come to indoor stadium and start practicing on our own expenses and use our own equipments,” said the players.
They said Sports Council doesn’t contribute anything for development in the game.
“We have our own ball and other equipments to play basketball. We have to pay for each equipment we use here. When we have our own equipments, why would sports council charge us Rs 2400,” Faris said.
Players even complained of unkempt stadium.
“The Council can’t even clean and maintain the complex which is frequented by many players every day.”
One of the players said he had visited Kashmir for only a month and wanted to practice basketball at Indoor Complex.
“Currently, I study in Delhi and I have come to home for just a month. I was asked to pay Rs 2400 when I have to practice for only this month,” said the player.
The parents who send their children to Indoor Complex for various games like Taekwando also complained of paying money to Sports Council.
Manager of the Indoor Sports Complex Sheikh Tulal said they charge Rs 2400 from the players for the renovation of the stadium and for membership.
“If we don’t keep membership fee, then there will be huge participation of the players in the indoor stadium,” he said.
However, Secretary J&K State Sports Council Waheed ur Rehman Para said he is unaware of such fee being charge to the players.
“I am unaware of what players are claiming, they should contact me and I will definitely look for their demand,” Rehman said.