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This umpire smashed door after confrontation with Virat Kohli

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Virat Kohli in agitated conversation with umpire. Pic Source IPL Twitter

While almost all in cricket circle are aware about the furious Virat Kohli and his temper, very few known that an ICC Elite Panel umpire damaged door in stadium after a confrontation with Virat Kohli.

It seems there is someone who has more aggressive nature in him than Virat Kohli as he went on to smash the umpire room door in Bangalore on Saturday during RCB’s last match.

The incident, which has come to light now, took place during the innings break when an infuriated Llong damaged the door by kicking at it and shouted at people in the room.

The umpire Nigel Llong of England is under BCCI scanner for allegedly damaging the door of a stadium room after an argument with Virat Kohli.

However there is very unlikely that he would be removed as an official for the IPL final on May 12.

Llong reportedly lost his cool after being confronted by Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper Virat Kohli over a contentious no ball call against Sunrisers Hyderabad during an IPL match in Bengaluru.

According to reports, the ICC Elite Panel official kicked the door of the umpires’ room during the innings break and damaged it.

 “We have reported the matter to the Committee of Administrators (COA) and hopefully action will be taken against Nigel Llong. If the players are punished for their misdemeanour and fined their match fees then why not the umpires,” Karnataka State Cricket Association secretary, R Sudhakar Rao was quoted by PTI.

As per report Llong paid Rs 5000 after he was confronted by the KSCA officials and had demanded a receipt of the payment.

Llong has stood in 56 Tests, 123 ODIs and 32 T20 Internationals in his career and will be standing in the upcoming World Cup in the United Kingdom, starting May 30.