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Virat Kohli denies charging ₹11.45 crore per Instagram post

CricketVirat Kohli denies charging ₹11.45 crore per Instagram post

Srinagar: Team India superstar batter Virat Kohli has denied the reports of him earning ₹11.45 crore per Instagram post.

Earlier it was reported that the former India skipper charged ₹11.45 crore per Instagram post. 

Virat on Saturday issued clarification about him charging such an ampung fot instagram post.

“While I am grateful and indebted to all that I’ve received in life, the news that has been making rounds about my social media earnings is not true,” Virat Kohli tweeted on Saturday morning.

StockGro, a Bengaluru-based trading and investing company, had shared a detailed description of Kohli’s assets, revenue, and investments in June. 

As per the data, with the company citing Forbes, DNA, MPL, Startuptalky as their source, Kohli has a staggering net worth of ₹1050 crores.

Meanwhile Kohli recently talked about his critics ahead of the Asia Cup 2023 saying that people will always have opinions.

Kohli has seen good and bad times in his 15-year-long career but one thing is, he never gave up.

“People will always have opinions and judgments, but I have learned to trust my instincts and have confidence in my abilities. This self-belief has been the driving force behind all my achievements on the cricket field,” he said.

Kohli has scored a total of 613 runs in 11 ODI Asia Cup matches, he averages 61.3 in the tournament which is the fourth-highest among top-12 run scorers.

It has to be mentioned that Kohli’s ODI best score of 183 runs also came in the Asia Cup 2012 against Pakistan.

“This self-belief helps me stay positive and focused on improving my game… I draw inspiration from my past successes and learnings. Reflecting on the moments when I performed at my best and analysing the areas where I can improve from losses, helps me grow as a player. Every setback becomes an opportunity for me to come back stronger,” he added.

Apart from his batting, a lot of people are inspired by Kohli’s fitness and how hard he works to maintain his body shape.

“When it comes to training, I believe in pushing myself to the limit. I engage in a combination of strength training, agility drills, and endurance exercises. It’s all about building a strong foundation to handle the challenges of the game and stay injury-free.

“Of course, rest and recovery are equally crucial. Giving my body enough time to recover from intense training sessions is essential for peak performance. So, I make sure to get enough sleep and listen to my body’s needs.”

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