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WATCH: Prithvi Shaw involved in scuffle: 8 persons booked, woman’s lawyer claims cricketer was drunk

CricketWATCH: Prithvi Shaw involved in scuffle: 8 persons booked, woman's lawyer claims cricketer was drunk

Srinagar: India young cricketer Prithvi Shaw on Thursday got involved in an incident with social media influencer in which eight persons have been booked so far.

Eight people have been booked for allegedly attacking Prithvi Shaw after the batter refused to take a selfie with them for the second time.

Shaw was in the car when it was attacked by the accused. Later, Shaw was sent in another car. The accused also chased the vehicle of Prithvi Shaw’s friend.

As per the complainant, Shaw had gone to a five-star hotel in Santacruz for dinner with his friends when some unknown people came near their table and insisted on a selfie.

The cricketer obliged two people with selfies but after some time the same group returned, demanding to take selfies again. Shaw refused, saying he has come to eat food with friends and doesn’t want to be disturbed.

When they insisted on taking selfies, Prithvi’s friend called the hotel manager and complained about them. After this, the hotel manager asked the accused to leave the hotel.

When Shaw and his friend came out of the hotel after having dinner, the accused were waiting outside the hotel and attacked them with baseball bats and smashed the front and rear windows of their car.

However arrested womans lawyer has alleged that Shaw was “drunk” and hit her with his bat.

The arrested woman has been identified as Sapna Gill, a social media influencer, an official from Oshiwara Police Station said. She is one of the eight accused against whom the case has been registered.

Speaking to ANI, Gill’s lawyer advocate Ali Kashif Khan Deshmukh alleged that Shaw hit the woman with his bat.

“In the five-star hotel, social media influencer Sapna Gill just went to Prithvi Shaw as a fan for taking a selfie with him. They were having a party, Prithvi Shaw was drunk and he was holding a bat in his hand and he hit with his bat to Sapna. Then the next day, he went to the police and filed the case,” claimed Deshmukh.

The lawyer further said they will file the case against the cricketer.

“Now, we will file the case against Prithvi Shaw because he was drunk. He drove the car as well in a drunken state and we also got to know that he had hit one bike too. He has beaten influencer Sapna with the bat. We will file a case under sections 354, 509 and 334 on him. Sapna gill and Prithvi shaw have no past relationship with each other, she just went to take a selfie with him. We are trying to get influencer bail and then we will file the FIR against the cricketer,” he added.

Earlier today, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Anil Paraskar said, “An offence was registered in Oshiwara Police Station in Mumbai under the sections of unlawful assembly, extortion and other sections. The accused damaged the car of the complainant and then demanded ₹50,000 to let go of the matter. One accused arrested and efforts are underway to nab others.”

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