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Watch: Rasikh Salam talk about his chemistry with Jasprit Bumrah

By: KSW Staff

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The IPL boy of J&K State, Rasikh Salam who is currently part of the Mumbai Indian’s side in Indian Premier League (IPL) has said that he has got good chemistry with India’s top bowler Jasprit Bumrah and watches him closely.

In a video uploaded on official twitter handle of Mumbai Indian’s Rasikh Salaam talks about what he does and what Bumrah tells him.

“Jasprit is also from small town and he is one of the best bowlers today and that is big source of motivation for me. If he can do it, even I can,” Rasikh said in video.

“Jasprit and I have good connection. We always talk to each other. If I have any problem in bowling, field setting, yorker or the or slower one I keep asking him and he responds well,” he further said.

He said that IPL is a tough game especially for the bowlers it is extremely tough.

“Jasprit always tell me that you will always have both good and bad phases you need to learn to come out of it. If I bowl a wrong bowl then how to come back with the right one,  that is what he teaches me,” he said.

“His action is a little different and accordingly he tells me what he does and how I have to do it. So yes he gives me lot of good tips,” he added.