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Why is CricHeroes the best live-scoring app

LocalWhy is CricHeroes the best live-scoring app

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. In India, everyone from the gully to Delhi is playing cricket. Cric Heroes plays an important role in recognizing the talent of cricketers who play such cricket and improving their performance.

Cricheroes was launched as a simple score keeping app for low level cricketers i.e. those playing in the streets, those playing in the countryside, and those playing cricket in the city and towns. Gradually it became a larger network.

It is very useful for everyone who plays cricket in the country to connect with each other. It helps a lot to recognize the talent of cricketers, to record the achievements of cricketers and to grow as good cricketers.

Crick Heroes has become a platform for millions of grassroots cricketers. Cricketers take their scores and performance details very seriously. However no data related to them will be lost. Others record the score sheet on paper.

This scoring app is very useful for such people. Features such as live scores, scorecards, player profiles, achievement awards, badges, team profiles, tournament pages, score profiles, and CH Leaderboard are embedded in Cric Heroes.

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